Renting out your property?


Do you have a second home or multiple investment properties, are you living together or are you temporarily going abroad? We are happy to take the work and worries off your hands!

As an owner you are looking for a reliable tenant, for the highest attainable market rent and at a favorable rate. We are your partner in the entire rental process and will arrange everything that comes with it. Through our network and through our proactive marketing strategy, we know exactly how to find the right rental candidates.

With us you have the choice of three standard packages, in addition there is of course always the possibility for customization.

We are happy to visit you without obligation to get acquainted and explain how we work. During this interview you can indicate your wishes and expectations. You ask, we deliver.

Packages with rental
We offer the following three options

Package 1
Rental mediation

This includes all work related to renting out your home. Such as: rental advice, professional recording of the property, advertising, screening of the tenant, drafting the lease and the key transfer.

Package 2
Financieel managemant

In addition to taking care of the rental, we also arrange financial administration and manage the deposit. Every month we collect the rent from the tenant and ensure that you receive the rent from us at the beginning of each month.

Package 3
Technical management

In addition to taking care of the rental and financial management, all contact with the tenant is through us. We are the first point of contact for questions, complaints and technical failures. On behalf of the lessor, we provide, supervise and monitor repair orders.

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